Monday, September 27, 2010

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so the week has been pretty good. this weekend will be conference which i am super super excited for. that will be awesome. i never realised how awesome conference is till i saw it in the mtc and now its the highlight of the year. my comp and i are doin great. its been rainy here this week and mexico has no gutter system so when it rains theres always like a foot of water in the street. and our roof leaks. ive gotten to the point that i just buy cereal and pb and js now and the tacos. its like 80 degrees today and im in heaven and all the mexicans have sweaters on haha.

love you all tons. love you

love nate


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Nate has asked me (his sister-in-law) to update his blog while he's gone. I will be doing a lot of copy and pasting so it will be up to you to interpret his letters! Good Luck!!!!!!! :D

Brooke :)

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