Monday, September 27, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 9/27/10

so the week has been pretty good. this weekend will be conference which i am super super excited for. that will be awesome. i never realised how awesome conference is till i saw it in the mtc and now its the highlight of the year. my comp and i are doin great. its been rainy here this week and mexico has no gutter system so when it rains theres always like a foot of water in the street. and our roof leaks. ive gotten to the point that i just buy cereal and pb and js now and the tacos. its like 80 degrees today and im in heaven and all the mexicans have sweaters on haha.

love you all tons. love you

love nate

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 9/20/10

so this is our awesome picture that was after we had our baptism this week of this kid named abraham who satan was just trying to destroy. we didnt even get the sighnature or aproval from his mom until an hour before church. freaking miracle. so we ate campachanas and coke after and partied hahah what up. hight five. this is my comp elder wakefield btw. pretty chill. wake is almost the same as the word for ox in spanish. buey and free. just add a to to the end. frito. so we go by ox and to. (pronounced tow) ha and we call it oxto fruit co....... worldwide.... wide wide wide.

anyway.... hahah so ya we have definately seen the blessings here its been great. weve had six baptisms this month and ive had nine in this are total. tell grandma that i get all her hand written letters and thank you a ton they are amazing. tell abby and tyler congrats thats so cool they are gonna be sealed. i love the temple. still havent gone here though which is pretty sad. man i cant wait to see elder jolly again i gotta give that chap a hug. hes the funniest kid i know. i think that mexico is a completely diffent type of mission than others. they are all different but mexico especially. the corruptoin in this area is so great. everyone is living with people that they arent married to. kids at 14. drugs. gangs. its outta this world. it just makes it awesome to see people get baptised and become members. still no packages haha

anyway gotta run. love you all and thanks for all you do for me hhave done and continue to do. love you

love nate

aka elder to

´pss sorry if i havent written any hand letters to anyone. because the pres hasnt gone to the other side he hasnt sent any cards either and so we havent had any mail sent out or anthing come in from there so it may be some time if you want some letters from me sorry. just keep following the blog!

ps tell lisa hi for me mom. thanks. oh and mo matthews thanks for the great letters

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 9/13/10

hey everyone. just rained once this weeki here. just heat still ya and this weekend the guy that i baptised that just got outta prison three months ago just baptised his two kids cuz he just got the priesthood. it was sweet. coolest ever. they are named karla and eduardo or lalo and the dad is carlos. sounds like you have had some awesome parties. i hate the fair but i actuall wish i could go. im so sick of mexican food. nothing is the same here. even the doritos suck in mexico haha so we just end up eating street tacos and campachanas or burritos or trompo like three or four times a week. that stuff is soooooo goooood. but we eat just stew crap every day. mexans eat so much stew. i dont want another stew so long as i live. that or tortillas. even though im slightly addicted to tortillas now. thats awesome to hear that abby and tyler are getting sealed finially. i wish i could be there. tell them im there in spirit. haha and its good to hear about heber. love you

love nate

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 9/6/10

my new companion is elder wakefield from california. hes way chill. pretty fun and i think were gonna have alot of success for sure. just had three baptisms this weekend. that was sweet. it was a lady named mari, and her kids hugo. who is fourteen and her daugheter daniela who is nine. i gotta baptise the mom and daniela and a kid from the ward baptised hugo. it was awesome. she is terrorfied of the water and was gripping my arm like crazy but was super brave and super awesome. were trying to baptise every week this transfer. theres two kids. karla, lalo, and then other brothers serjio and abraham and we should be baptising them soon it{ll be sweet. its cooling down a bit. only like 105 every day hahah. but im having alot of fun with my new comp. he-s pretty funny

elder jolleys mom is the best. mamcita jolley. tell her thanks for the letters. she even sent me a birthday card too. so tell her. thanks for me and ill try and write her soon. its tough to write cuz they still havent gone to the us so i dunno how else to send a card from here. we{ll have to figure it out sometime. but tell her thank you for me and thanks for the letter and that elder jolley is awesome and one of the funniest and nicest people i know. super awesome friend. ha for sure we{ll give them a ride in the cars when i get back and ya the food still is terrable. we ate the same two thinks for four meals and then it was just plain crap today so we ate what little we could and were gonna go eat tacos and burritos later. they are always good here. amazing. like twice a week we get tacos from some stand. ha ya i heard that e jolley got here too finially and its good to hear. were finially all in mexico. i just took six months to do so. love you. nate

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 8/30/10

so i got a transfer. elder mireles is going to leave and head to an area called paradise ha here. ya. and im gonna stay. an elder named elder wakefield is coming here and ive heard hes a pretty funny and good elder so im excited for the change. just had a baptism this weekend with a lady named anamaria gale ramirez. or mariana. she is great. will be super strong. and we get to have another three baptisms this weekend! ya. a kid named hugo. 14 his little sister daniela 9 and mom mary. i will be in this area for the next four months most likely. if im hear in december i hope i stay through christmas to have it here. it wouldnt be cool to change right before christmas! so ill have six to eight months in this area most likely. its good. the member are great. just is huge. like an hour and a half to walk from one end to the other.

im glad to hear heber is home safe and sound . i feels like he just left. crazy. kade herbert only has six months left or so. and ive been out seven now.

love you all thanks for everything.

love you


PostHeaderIcon Letter from 8/23/10

hey mom and family. ha

this week has been ok. just working hard.

we have three baptisms in the next two weeks and three more the two weeks after that. it’ll be sweet. a lady named Mariana. and then a kid named Hugo and his mom marie. they’re way sweet.

recently ive decided that Mexico was made for short people. first cuz everyone is short but also everything is short. the ceilings, the trees, the doorways. but ive lost about 20 lbs i think since being here at least. haven’t measured of lately. but yesterday got attacked by a five inch cockroach. no joke. this thing was huge. ill have to send the pic. we have tons of them. its still insanely hot but the canicula is supposed to end the 24th so hope it’ll cool down. November and December it just gets freezing hear apparently. im super excited. ha-ha.

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 8/16/10

This week. a 10 year old made us food and it actually wasn’t bad. also with elder johns on exchanges i raced a drunk guy down the street to get him to stop drinking and he said he would but of course he was drunk the next day ha-ha. had tacos with the fam mancha and they rock. supper humble and poor but always help us and try and feed us. super awesome. love them. Anyway. got to take off. love you all soo much. thanks mom and dad for the awesome letters and getting all the stuff together and always loving me and showing me and providing for all of us. and working hard and teaching us how so that we can live a better life. anyway. talk to you soon. love you


PostHeaderIcon Letter from 8/9/10

i went on exchanges this week with elder johns for three days.. it was sweet. hes from springville. worked hard and had success so far. grabed a baptism for the 22. also he happened to leave the iron on and managed to start a small bonfire in the upstairs of their house. he just screamed fire!!! it was hillarious. i ran up with the garrafon. the big jugs of drinking water and put it out. it was hillarous. and just had a good time working with him. also i heard that the utes are now in the pac 10 to make it the pac 12!!!! sweeeeeeet. who else it in it? anyway. thats about it. just trying to work hard and get along my skin is terrable here though. pretty tan now but the heat and that just destroys my skin. anyway. im off love you all and miss you so much. and hope to hear from you soon.

love nate.


Nate has asked me (his sister-in-law) to update his blog while he's gone. I will be doing a lot of copy and pasting so it will be up to you to interpret his letters! Good Luck!!!!!!! :D

Brooke :)

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