Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 10/25/10

so hows everyone doin. its doing good here. almost dropping below 90 now haha.

the football sounds like it is going amazing. ive gotta be missing just a great year i guess. number eight. whew. that{ll be an amazing game vs tcu. its a good thing its at home. i hope they do good. sounds like your all just having tons of fun back there. i hope that aunt judy will feel better soon. and granny too. hope they get well sooooon.

but yeah. its been good as a companionship. elder morley is pretty funny. no new bapts but we are definately working for it. hoping to have quite a few this month to come. theres some awesome people here. yeah the food is always terrable hahah we did make some french toast though this weekend. it was amazing. perfect. best day in mexico ever.

anyway. sounds like espn is just doin awesome. hope to hear from you all soon.

love nate

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 10/18/10

its good to hear that the utes are killing it this year. just destroying everyone. tcu will be a tougher game but thats about it looks like they are gonna finish amazingly. top ten for sure. thank you very much for the update.souns like im missing an awesome season!

anyway its been goin good here. my new companion is elder morley. he went to jordan high actually 08 and westminster playin lax. pretty cool kid. this transfer will be fun. he just has ten months on the mish and i now have eight. were both pretty young. but its good to have him as a comp. still in the same area. i have like 4 months here. i hope to be here one more transfer after this so i can be here with all my converts and stuff through christmass. that would be sweet.

one of my converts is a man named carlos. he got outta prison and turned his life around. baptised two of his kids last month and now just gave his son the preisthood. it was so cool. honestly just awesome. now they are both gonna be passin the sacrament. and they go do baptisms for the dead all the time.

anyway. i love you all. thanks for everything. talk to you soon.

love nate

Monday, October 11, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 10/04/10

Sorry Dave and Joni were out of town last week so I just got the letter today.

hey mom so this week has been good. we got to baptise a girl named reyna. shes the sister of hugo and daniela and daughter of mary that were just baptised on the fifth of september. it was sweet. we had to put our hard hats on for this one. two hours before the baptism. the drainage system for the font was backed up. so we spent the next two hours draining, cleaning, and getting this font ready. it took some work but in the end it all was good and the baptism was great. conference was good. its kinda hard in spanish cuz the jokes and stuff and voices obviously dont transfer over and its just not the same but its super good still. sounds like youve been havin fun on your cruise. sam can dribble ten times!! thats so cool. high five to sam. ha and ellie the little dancer. que bueno. bout time mike gets some good grades haha. tell him to keep that up then. and brad just workin away. its probably pretty cool workin at harley. seein all the new stuff all the time and havin the sweet bikes in and out.

im super excited to get to go to the cabin and use it in the winter. and the summer. thats gonna be sweet. i love it up there. i think im a mountain person myself. it just feels weird that theres no canyons and all that stuff here.

well so its transfers again. this one went super fast cuz it was super fun. elder wakefield is leaving and going to reynosa. and im stayin here. and and elder named elder morley is comin here. hope hes cool and a solid baptiser. this last transfer we got blessed. insanely. oxto fruit co has come to a close. should be fun though the next transfer will be on november 22 and then through christmas till jan 3 so since im stayin here i sure hope they dont transfer just before christmas away from the ward ive been in for five months ha. oh well. anyway love you all thanks for the letter. hope your havin fun on the cruise.

love. nate

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 10/10/10

hey mom hey fam.

so its been good here. conference rocks. its not the same in spanish though. their voices just have so much power to them i love listening to packard and to monson and eyering. they are deff my faves. but i really liked hollands talk. and the one from uchdorf in priesthood. they were really gooood. anyway. this week has been good. it was a little slow for work but we had a conference and presidend walker is great just is getting us excited. and really has the focus on baptism and the book of mormon. the way it should be. we want to baptise every week and should be able too. pen palls with mamacita jolley! haha shes a funny lady. exact humor as elder jolley. she told me that the jazz are goin throwback on the uniforms, sweet. the viper may be discontinued. not sweet. whats up with that! oh and so how have the utes been. i want a game by game update who have we played what are the scores. mike. get on that. or drew. whoever. haha. anyway. i gotta run but how was your cruise. i wanna go back east some time. id like to see more of that. i loved boston and salem and all that. its so perty there. especially in the fall. anyway. love you so much. talk to you soon. hope you toook pics!




Nate has asked me (his sister-in-law) to update his blog while he's gone. I will be doing a lot of copy and pasting so it will be up to you to interpret his letters! Good Luck!!!!!!! :D

Brooke :)

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