Tuesday, November 23, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 11/22/10

hey mom so if you wanna google earth my house so you can look at it. i live here

ruperto martinez lozano #205 (thats the street)

infonavit Reforma (thats like the colony. or neighborhood. i dunno how to explain it)

Juarez, Nuevo Leon 67250 (city, state zip.)

the house is the third from the corner and its orangish pinkish.

anyway. so im still gonna stay here in tamaulipas for the time being. ill be here for a bit at least untill january! im pretyy excited to be able to be in my area for christmas and new years. itll be sweet. plus we have finially found somemore success and we should be having some good baptisms in december. we have some great investigators right now. no the nineyear old with the coffee problem got dropped. he hasnt gone to church so we dont have time to teach him anymore. his parrents are sacs cuz him and his sister rock but they dont ever go to church so they cant get baptised. elder morley and i will still be hanging out here together teachin. its really good. hes really chill and we have tons of fun. it makes the mish fun to have a good comp.

i bet the weekend was fun. im so so so jelous there is a foot and a half in the valley right now. i would be skiing my butt off. i miss that a tonnnnnn skiin with mikey. that was the bomb. its like 90 degrees today. really hot.... it sucks haha

utah better finish strong. or ill be mad.

well thats about all the updates i have. oh we were in the supermarket today and all the sudden this girl walked up to us and started speakin perfect english with like a missouri accent i was like what the. wheres ashton. am i being punked...... hahaha she was like so whats mormonism.... haha and lives right by us. she moved to missouri when she was six and now moved back here just barely at like 23 so should be good she was way cool. it was weird explaining the gosple in english. she speaks both but i think she likes english more and only wanted us to speak english ha. anyway. talk to you soon love you all.

love, nate

Thursday, November 18, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 11/15/10

So Nate has sent letters last week and this week but they really haven't included much info - mostly stuff he needs. Here is all I could really pull out of the letters. :)

hey mom. so sounds like you guys have been having some fun and the game was fun at notre dame even if we just got killed. still was probably a good trip. i like it back east cuz its so pretty. i loved our boston trip. that was way cool. thanksgiving. ha no. were not doing a thing. ha we{ll be working thats about it. and i dunno if ill be leaving before christmas. ill know next week if im gonna stay here or get sent somewhere else.

had zone conference which was nice and stake conference. president walker spoke at both and at stake the new temple prez spoke. it was pretty cool. he was way good. anyway. gonna run love you.

love nate

Monday, November 1, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 11/01/10

so sounds like everyone is doing good. it was good to see the picture. looks like mike is just gettin taller and taller. brads got himslelf a new little woman. and heber is just still heber at lake powel with cowboy boots haha. crazy kid. just look like i got replaced hahah its good. at least you need three people to take my place. and tell emmerson to stop workin out. that kid is huge. the week has been long though. we will be having a baptism this weekend. a guy named jorge. hes super humble. were hopin to have alot of work in november. it was tough though this week. all the lessons dropped for three days strait and noone wanted to go to church at the end of the week. it was terrable. a super long week but its all good. halloween was fine. we went and ate some pan de muerto (bread of the dead) in the night and some hot chocolate even though its like 80 degrees out everyone has put on sweaters. crazy.its november and were sweating out side. my english is getting worse. ive forgotten quite a few words in english. the ones you use alot in spanish now ive forgotten them in english. or its just really really weird to say it in english. its nice though having an american companion. we have alot of good laughs. especially someone from sandy ut. just the exact same humor most the time. theres alot of great members in this area and weve been trying to get the young men to go with us alot to the lessons and teach with us. its been good. anyway

president walker has been changing alot of stuff in the mission its way nice. just been making it into a great mission. elder morley and are betting hes gonna be an apostle one day haha

ha sorry i thought i sent titles for the pictures one is of me and elder jolley at the y. its that transit system above our heads thats like a rail way or somethin. we saw each other in transfer day. it was sweet. one with elder morley and i making french toast, and one of elder morley standing outside our house with the garbage man going by hahah in his horse drawn carrage.

elder jolleys mom is hillarous. she just sends us the funniest randomest stuff.

sounds like im missing one of if the the best year for the utes ever. thats awesome and tcu. go both of em. boise state. alright.

florida who? alabama who? oklahoma who? byu who? ha. thanks for the low down mom.

i gotta run. ill talk to you soon. love you all very much.

love nate.


Nate has asked me (his sister-in-law) to update his blog while he's gone. I will be doing a lot of copy and pasting so it will be up to you to interpret his letters! Good Luck!!!!!!! :D

Brooke :)

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