Thursday, April 21, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 04-18-11

Magdalena and Maria del Carmen
17 de abril 2011
5 personas en la segunda foto son investigadores
well we had two more baptisms this week. it was really good.
a few weeks ago we got a reference from our ward mission leader and went with him to a house well the lady didnt really want anything but her friend showed up and wanted to know all about it and something crazier. two days before other missionionaries had found her and gave her a book of mormon on the bus. and we show up two days latter without any dirrection or anything. thats maria del carmen and then theres this girl name marie del socorro and she got baptised in januarry and her mom never has gone to the ch
ruch and she finially went last sunday cuz her daughter told her to pray and ask god for help in her work and she got it so she went to church and her first time after a baptismial service and im like well. are you gonna get baptised next week magdalena with maria del carmen and shes like yep. hahah and so she got baptised too. it was sweet. we had to teach her everything in four days. anyway. so they got baptised and they have alot of family who are members. so like half of the people in the fotos are members.
anyway. love you all. talk to you soon.
love, Nate
and the scriptures i liked this week all talk about the same thing.
prov. 3:12 and 6:21-23
heleman 15:3
dyc 101:5
theyre really good.

Monday, April 11, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 4/11/11

jessica with elder morales, me, and her friends karen and melissa

well this week has been pretty good. we were blessed with a baptism.

her name is jessica and shes 16. her dad didnt want her to get baptised but shes got a super strong testimony and did it. way awesome girl and is excited to be part of the church especially cuz the ward im in is huge. well its like normal sized for utah but for here its huge. like 300 members. thats massive. everyone here is like we wanna divide. im like no you dont. that would be dumb.hahah anyway. its really good here. jessica had an awesome baptism and this week we should be having two more. maria del carmen and magdalena. magie is the mom of a convert named maria de socorro or coco. and my comp says he never though she would get baptised. but her daughter just keep on go to church. pray. all that until she finially went and then we invited her to be baptised this next sunday. which al the other elders had done for the past six months and shes like yes finially. and it was her first time to church too. yay.

its really hot here. it was 100 degrees literally INSIDE this ladies house yesterday when we ate and we ate chickin in read chili sause. and im like yeah. this is totally normal. ive been here to long.... haha.

on the 29th of april we get to go to the temple. just the 4 missionaries from our ward and do baptisms for the dead. pret ty excited about that. cuz i have never gone. yay. and we get to take all our recent converts and investigators with us! the investigators are gonna watch a film and were gonna do baptisms. it was an idea that our wward mission leader came up with cuz he is a cordinator in the temple and were like yeah we wanna go call the president and pres, walker is like i cant say no to something so inspire so of course. and now we all getta go! yay. it should be soo good for all the converts and gators.

anyway. thats about it. love you and talk to you soon.

matt 28:19-20

ok well love you!!!

love nate

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 04/04/11

rafa and isiah

with the cerna family

and the zone of andalucia

Hey fam

so looks like i am missing some good skiing. thats ok. its like 100 at least here today. happy spring! i miss the snow. i know dad hates it but i love it.

conference was really good. we watched it in spanish as usual. blah. but oh well. dont worry. they give us the liahona when it comes out in a month or two so you dont have to send me anything.

i liked the talks from elder scott. elder cook for mom. elder anderson from the preisthood sesh. elder scott g grow of the 70. and lynn g robbins of the 70. they were all really good.

i realized that on your mission you tell your comp everything. like when you thow up cuz you just got sick in a members house from their food and you dont tell anyone and leave.

sometimes your comp doesnt thing things are as funny as you think they are. hahaha.

sometimes my comp starts like walking really really really fast. so i usually ask him something stupid. like if he left the oven on. he just looks at me like all confused. and then keeps walking. ha

i gotta see a bunch of people from my old area of tamaulipas cuz were in the same stake at the conference. it was cool. so ill send some pics i only took like two.

i noticed something in the conference. its that the apostles and prophets quoted from dyc 121 about 15 times. so i think that would be a very important seccion to read right now.

anyway. talk to you soon love you


love nate

Thursday, March 31, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 3/28/11

noone looks happy in these pictures but i promise they are hahah
its maria de socorro. a recent convert here and cristian and rosario.
and i picture i took from el ranchito. this little colony in the middle of nowhere in our area.

we just got transfers again and ill be stayin in jarez 1 with elder morales for a bit longer.
i saw the pic of sam and daniel. i told ya they were twins. just ones mexican and ones guerro.

oh so we ate with the lady from veracruz this week. that was pretty awesome. it was sooooo goooooood.... the best mexican food ever. and i didnt feel like throwin up or like i just whiped it on my face after... i like the people from veracruz. theyre always laid back like meh. if it happens it happens. ha.
this week i liked dyc 13 alot. you should read it.
its fairly short.
anyway. love you all. hope your all doing good. its sad that my utes suck this year at basketball. whos gonna be the new coach then. we just cant have any luck after rick majerus left.
love you
love nate
Monday, March 21, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 3/21/11

hope your all doing good. its getting hot here already. i was just
getting used to the good weather that we had for like two weeks. oh

scripture of the week. Dyc 121:33. just to explain one of the litlle
perks of being a mormon. haha.

well we had a carne asada last week all the missionaries. and yeah.
well im ready to have another cold shower tonight. ha talk to you
soon. miss you all.
love you

more from elder brockbanks bday


this is the great elder montaño. hes a pretty funny elder. we had alot
in common and i loved bein his comp. taught me a ton of spanish.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Sam's Twin

Joni thought you might enjoy this. For those who don't know - Sam is Nate's nephew.
this is sams mexica twin hahahah his name is daniel. love nate
This is Sam
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Trying to catch up on letters!

I apologize for how horrible I have been about updating lately.

Brooke :)

Letter from 3/14/11

so this weekend was good. we had two baptisms. jovany alexander santos soto and his sister kenya melissa santos soto. it was great. theyre moms a member. but theyre dad isnt. its hard for him cuz hes a taxi driver but its our goal to get them to the temple. the kids are really really smart and really soft spoken nice kids. the cool part is theyre uncle got to do the ordance. hes an x missionary. and super cool dude. he got up and bare his testimony. well. last night i got a call from my little sister that my nephew and neice are gonna ge baptised tomorrow and they want my to come. after chewing her out for a little bit for not telling me sooner i said of course and we were on our way. haha. funny stuff. oh and two times the busses we were on this week broke down. and we had to wait for 20 min for the next one to pass by and then we cram on like sardeens. welcome to mexico.

dyc 93:37. i like it cuz hes gonna fight our battles and verses 29-31 its in his hands. even though 14 we will always have trials. anway.

oh and we went to a mexican cabin it was way cool. like its own world.

nothing around. so tranquil. and i heard the office and scrubs is

canceled. im pretty upset about that.

and i met a dog that i swear was half blackbear. hahah anyway. ill

talk to you soon.

love you.




this is the puente family or like half of it ha. we taught the little

girl so she could get baptised but shes born in the covenant and is 8

so it just counts cuz they rock.

Letter from 3/7/11

the scipture i liked this week was in matt. 11:28-30. its a scripture that a teacher in the mtc named hno grow showed me. hes one of the most inspired people ive met. Realy taught me a ton and just about how to be a missionary and understand the doctorine.

i totally grow a cross between a canadian lumberjack beard and wolverine beard now. ok. maybe not that bad but still hahah.

so its been good here i juarez. the area is gigantic. theres like four buses that go through it to go to all the different areas of this part. its ok cuz were by walmart and its like shopping in america. kinda. the area is kinda slow and we just dropped two bapt dates cuz of this family that has been tryin to get married and went to do it this week in another state and the place couldnt do it. sad. so they cant get baptised. it was really sad and they felt bad. but were keepin them excited and positive. theyre really good and have read like through jacob in their books of mormon. crazy.

also another cool thing happened this week. so theres this lady named consuelo and we go to her house and whats up is that she has gone to church once and is good but she doesnt wanna go now cuz she thinks her husband was cheating with an hna in the ward and all this stuff. And it started that she wants to go to another ward wich doesnt work cuz god is a god of order and went through that explanation. that was fun. then she just said well its cool im just gonna have someone do the work for me when i die and all will be good. and then had to explain that. well you have your chance here. you get to accept it or not. even if you accept the ordanace in the spirit world... cuz you rejected your chance here. there is no way you will go to the celestial kingdom. and shes like oh shoot. and then i had to explain repentance. changing your heart and actions and not doin the same sin again and then i had to explain forgiveness that if she doesnt wanna

forgive shes not gonna be forgived. its call the bednar. hahah its goes like this..... sister. we know someone did something bad blah blah blah. but guess what. its time to grow up and go to church. bednar taugh this when he got here about the less actives. and yeah. it went well hahah to end she says to me. well........ I have to say sorry to that person to.... yep. ok. well i know that god put words in your mouth today..... cuz elders have come here for a year and they have never left me speachless. ive always had an excuse

or an arguement.... but today... is diferent. god was talking through you today.....

well never had that happen before hahah the cool part was when I walked in the door when we got there she was like..... hello again. I know you from somewhere. have you been here before. i was like never. im completely lost. i have no idea where i am hahah second day in the area. and yeah. so we taught the lesson and after everything and a

prayer she was talking and i realized i know you. hahah two months earlier elder montaño and i contacted her in the plaza in Guadalupe and turns out eight months earlier than that elder montaño was the first elder that taught her in his first area that he was in. that was crazy. hahah and pretty cool. anyway. small world eh.

love you all

love nate

oh ps. a realy realy good friend of mine just got her mission call.

shes gonna head to the peru lima south mission on june first.

im really proud of her hahah.

good luck emily.

shes gonna rock.

Letter from 2/21/11

well ive decided. when you hit one year,,,, everything fails. Your pants rip. your gaffet falls off. highlighters run out. ha and you start getting fatter. so elder brockbank and i will be hitting one year this thursday. whew. and we start to die. fun stuff.

elder wakefield and i had a good time and elder montaño is great too. its always a laugh and hes teaching me a ton of spanish. its funny how i dont speak english anymore. its actually kinda hard.

oh and some guy this week asked me where he can buy some drugs like

you guys walk around all day. where is it. hahah it was funny. and

then the week before some crazy asked me to take him to texas to work.

so i decided i will now share a scripture or somethin in my emails and

they will be completely in spanish from now on. jk. english.

but anyway. my favorite scripture ill have to start with. in alma

38:1-5. four and five especially. but anyway. love you all.

love nate

Letter from 2/14/11

well we got transfers this week and elder montaño and i will be here still the same and elder brockbank too. he is gonna be the district leader of the other district in the zone. So its elder brockbank and elder montaño. Its good but now we dont get to do divisions with them and they arent even in our district and they live with us. funny how that works haha. Oh well. itll be good. he´ll be a good dl. and hes gettin a new comp elder burton. its super good though livin with them. and we did divisions three times this week. once i was with elder wakefield. My old comp. the other time i was with elder hurtado who lived with us

and then elder brockbank. each one was good. it was sweet to be comps with elder brockbank for a day haha we laughed a ton. got in a good fight with some crazy christians. cokes on me after that fun.... then ate chile relleno blah. and taught an awesome lesson to this lady that is cathlic an now understands everything that is wrong with the church cuz she learned how jesus did it. anyway. and im gettin pretty good at takin a shower with just a five gallon bucket. pretty sure you have the bapt pic of jose but not of his wife. and I iwll send you the one from aries daniel next week when i get it from

elder morley. and thats about it. dead here still but little by little reviving with the hard work. its tough cuz the numbers dont show it at all either but good thing its not about the numbers. the testimonies are so strong in the little areas huh. and the misionaries do so much. i think the ward you went to is bigger than the one im in right now though. that stories way cool. about the convert who went to nevada. its sad when people dont use the temples like they should the same thing has passed here in monterrey. there is only three sessions all day and people dont go when its less than 40 degrees outside. sad. the pres i

visiting around and bashin all the members and tellin em to go. Its good. he came to the stake conf. and the pres and a 70 elder anaya. He was way good. hes like whats the diference between these teenagers and the mishionaries. the misionaries are handsome. haha. funny. Girls tell the boys to go on a mish. anyway.

1 year here i come.

love you. Nate

Letter from 2/7/11

it was really really cold this week. and it was elder brockbanks birthday so we had a bbq and ate steak and sasages. it was soooo gooood..... some guy read my hand last week. that was weird. our neighbors had a bbq and now all my clothes smell like campfire.

anyway. thats all i think. love you!


Letter from 1/31/11

so its been good in mexico. the area is still dead. we worked our butts off this week and had the zone conf with the president. We contacted and taught more lessons that i ever have in my mission in one week and we have absolutely nothing to show for it. hahah. not one person is progressing. not one baptism. not one bit of help from the members here. weve done everything we can to involve them and some do help. like we have had them put there testimonies in books. and like just four of the members did it but it rocked so we gave these books to awesome families and they literally gave them back to us which I have never seen in my life. and i met a jew who completely deneyed jesus as the christ and that he was a god. that was a fun day. we had a nice little old testimant moment after he left and deneyed our testimony of crist if if you know what i mean.. and then not one person in sacrament. its honestly the longest ive ever gone i think without a baptism. its tough cuz its the hardest ive worked and the least success but thats the mish i guess huh... funn stuff. but its good. godll give us the success were hopin for. just gotta push it

out. my comp is pretty cool and helpin me with my spanish a ton. And the house we live in and the other elders are all cool. so it makes it fun. plus my area isnt 2 and a half hours long haha. but thats all. well. ill hear from ya soon. love you

love nate


Nate has asked me (his sister-in-law) to update his blog while he's gone. I will be doing a lot of copy and pasting so it will be up to you to interpret his letters! Good Luck!!!!!!! :D

Brooke :)

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