Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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rafa and isiah

with the cerna family

and the zone of andalucia

Hey fam

so looks like i am missing some good skiing. thats ok. its like 100 at least here today. happy spring! i miss the snow. i know dad hates it but i love it.

conference was really good. we watched it in spanish as usual. blah. but oh well. dont worry. they give us the liahona when it comes out in a month or two so you dont have to send me anything.

i liked the talks from elder scott. elder cook for mom. elder anderson from the preisthood sesh. elder scott g grow of the 70. and lynn g robbins of the 70. they were all really good.

i realized that on your mission you tell your comp everything. like when you thow up cuz you just got sick in a members house from their food and you dont tell anyone and leave.

sometimes your comp doesnt thing things are as funny as you think they are. hahaha.

sometimes my comp starts like walking really really really fast. so i usually ask him something stupid. like if he left the oven on. he just looks at me like all confused. and then keeps walking. ha

i gotta see a bunch of people from my old area of tamaulipas cuz were in the same stake at the conference. it was cool. so ill send some pics i only took like two.

i noticed something in the conference. its that the apostles and prophets quoted from dyc 121 about 15 times. so i think that would be a very important seccion to read right now.

anyway. talk to you soon love you


love nate


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Nate has asked me (his sister-in-law) to update his blog while he's gone. I will be doing a lot of copy and pasting so it will be up to you to interpret his letters! Good Luck!!!!!!! :D

Brooke :)

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