Friday, January 21, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Letter from 1/17/11

well i still havent made the cookies you sent me but well get on it. good elder

morleys mom sent you that stuff. he´s a pretty cool kid. still in tamaulipas. and he grows the meanest beard. uh fix the door....hahahah

the new area is deader than a doornail. but weve been workin hard. the people react differently in each area. its funny cuz the mentalities are different. like 30 min away and it changes. everthing is more expensive here and apperently there was only three baptisms in the area in the last year and none in the last three months and the other elders havent seen one in six months. so we have tons of work to do. living with the four is pretty sweet actually. i like it alot. just

gets a little crazy sometimes and on mondays some other elders have to

come and stay at our house so we have six. but its all good. i get to have divisions with elder wakefield, my old comp, tomorrow so im excited for that. hes the big zl here right now with elder mireles, my first comp. as the little zl here.

funny how that worked out. yeah i miss playing the guitar. i still can play the same i just dont remember how anything goes whenever i pick up a guitar haha. but i think theres a rule now that we cant buy guitars or somethin like that i dunno. its been nice having a mexican comp. hes helped me with my spanish a ton. and with the four noone speaks english. not even me to elder brockbank is the funny part. and i tried to pray in english this week outloud..... it was a joke. it

was mostly spanglish. its a ward here in the city. they think were hometeachers. but there not bad mostly. ha anyway. well gotta go. thanks for everthing hope granps gets better soon. tell him hello and love em. sure miss all my grandparents

love. nate


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Nate has asked me (his sister-in-law) to update his blog while he's gone. I will be doing a lot of copy and pasting so it will be up to you to interpret his letters! Good Luck!!!!!!! :D

Brooke :)

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